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Our Firm / Alternative Fee Arrangements


Today more than ever, clients require creative, flexible, and predictable approaches to the delivery and pricing of legal services. Meyer Suozzi works closely with clients to develop budgeting and pricing models that are effective and efficient. We collaborate with our clients to develop customized alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) for a specific engagement or group of matters.

Meyer Suozzi has developed a variety of creative billing arrangements with clients. Although our experience is that some matters are more suitable for AFAs than others, we are willing to consider alternative billing methodologies for most matters. Such methodologies take the form of contingency fees, fixed fees, value or success-based fees, and other alternatives, when appropriate under the circumstances of a specific matter, and consistent with our ethical responsibilities under the applicable rules of professional conduct.

Meyer Suozzi seeks opportunities to engage AFAs as a means to reduce billing complexities and align the cost and value of legal services for our clients. If implemented properly, AFAs provide substantial value and are mutually beneficial for the client and the firm. Upon initiation of a new engagement, we invest significant time and effort to better understand the client’s ultimate objectives, resulting in fee arrangements that provide the optimal balance between risk and reward for both the client and the firm.

We are committed to designing alternative fee structures that make legal costs predictable while providing top quality legal representation to clients.