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Disability Insurance Claims

We provide comprehensive services to people insured under disability insurance policies both before and during the disability claims process.

Before the claim is made to the disability insurance carrier, we provide informed and strategic advice as to the insured claimant’s rights and obligations under the applicable insurance policy so that any future claim contains all of the required information and is submitted in a timely manner. Our experience shows that consulting with informed legal counsel at the earliest possible juncture will enable the insured claimant to minimize potential denials and lead to the most effective enforcement of rights under the applicable policy.

During the claims process, we provide knowledgeable advice on completing claim forms and answering questions and inquiries by the insurance carriers. In the event that claims are denied, we enforce the insured claimant’s rights and remedies under the applicable policy to the full extent provided by law to maximize all available benefits.

Our Disability Insurance Claims Group attorneys have experience working in both state and federal court to enforce the rights of claimants under their disability insurance policies.

For policies issued on an individual basis, we enforce the insured claimant’s legal and contractual rights under state law. These rights include bringing a lawsuit for damages in the event the insurance carrier breaches its obligations under the policy. Such damages may include past withheld benefits as well as future benefits, court costs and interest.

For group policies subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), we are experienced in both pre-lawsuit and litigation proceedings. In the event the claim is denied at any stage of the claims review, we represent insured claimants in the ERISA appeal process. We also enforce our clients’ rights in federal court where we seek damages and injunctive relief available under ERISA and the applicable policies.

We are mindful that at the critical time when insurance benefits are most needed, the process can be overwhelming and frustrating to the insured individual. We are sensitive to the needs of our clients and provide timely, effective legal advice to maximize any and all applicable benefits to which they are entitled. In the course of our experience, we have recovered millions of dollars in insurance benefits wrongfully withheld by insurance carriers.