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Professional Responsibility

Meyer Suozzi’s Professional Responsibility Practice Group advises and represents attorneys, law firms, corporate counsel, members of the judiciary and other public officials in relation to disciplinary proceedings, ethics, law firm dissolutions, partnership disputes, and more. Ever conscious of the sensitivity of such matters, and the effect they may have on the career of a professional or public official, we understand our client’s needs when involved in these issues. Our attorneys work with clients to identify areas of potential conflict and ethical pitfalls. We have substantial experience in hearings and trial proceedings, law firm structuring, and in assisting lawyers, judges and other public officials in troublesome circumstances, and in guiding and counseling them to anticipate and avoid problems.

This practice group consists of well-known, respected and experienced attorneys, a former Justice of New York Supreme Court, former Nassau County Assistant District Attorneys, a Past President of the New York State Bar Association, Past President of the Nassau County Bar Association and Editor of the “Bench Book for Trial Judges”, and a present and former members of the Disciplinary Committee for the Tenth Judicial District and the Nassau County Board of Ethics, and attorneys for local boards of ethics. These attorneys also are experienced as past or present chairs and committee members of the following:

  • Nassau County Bar Association Grievance Committee
  • Nassau County Bar Association Ethics Committee
  • Nassau County Bar Association Judiciary Committee
  • Nassau County Bar Association Supreme Court Committee
  • New York State Bar Association Special Committee on Law Firm Structure and Operations (MDP)
  • New York State Bar Association Special Committee on Court Structure and Judicial Selection
  • New York State Bar Association Special Committee on Youth Courts
  • Tenth Judicial District Judicial Qualification Evaluation Commission

Our attorneys are known for their experience in representing and appearing before professional tribunals, organizational boards and government entities. All of our attorneys in this practice area are “AV” rated by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating an attorney can achieve in skill, integrity, and professional excellence.


  • Advertising and Legal Ethics
  • Bar Admission
  • Breach of Client Trust; Escrow Funds
  • Code of Judicial Conduct
  • Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Disciplinary Proceedings and Grievances
  • Disqualification Motions
  • Law Firm Dissolutions & Partnership Disputes
  • Ethics, Fraud and Corruption Investigations
  • Privilege & Confidentiality
  • Purchase or Sale of Law Practices
  • Risk Management
  • Sanctionable Conduct