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  • In addition to being experienced trial attorneys, we provide outstanding Appellate Practice to our personal injury clients and to other personal injury trial attorneys. Meyer Suozzi recently obtained a critical victory for a CPA whose career was cut short when he fell head-first through an unguarded stairwell opening at a Westchester Hotel and suffered a traumatic brain injury. After opposing lawyers moved to dismiss our client’s case, the Court ruled in our favor on the initial motion and on reargument. After we defeated both motions, the Hotel’s attorneys appealed to the Appellate Division, First Department and urged that reversal was required because the stairway’s 32-inch handrail complied with the local code. Last month, the Appellate Division affirmed our victory in the Court below and ruled in our client’s favor in all respects relying specifically on proof we asserted that the applicable safety standards required that a 42-inch high guardrail should have been installed along the Hotel’s stairwell.
  • $10 million dollars for a wrongful death caused by homeowner negligence
  • $9.4 million for a claim under Section 205-a of the General Municipal Law on behalf of the family of a deceased firefighter
  • $4 million dollars for a burn victim
  • $3.825 million dollars for a motorcycle accident
  • $1.2 million dollars for an industrial explosion

Quality representation has always been the hallmark of Meyer Suozzi’s personal injury practice. When clients sustain injuries and or face difficult and often distressing situations, our attorneys strive to represent their interests and to obtain the maximum award whether by trial or settlement. We also advise clients of all interim revenue sources during their disabilities and, as a courtesy, we supervise the payment of no-fault claims in cases involving motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, if an insurance carrier is unwilling to negotiate in good faith, the matter will be tried.

Throughout this demanding process, we remain sensitive to our clients’ pain and suffering and are always responsive to their needs and any questions they may have. Our responsiveness to clients, along with diligence in the manner each claim is prosecuted, ensures a quality of representation rare in this field of practice.

In addition to the wide range of personal injury claims we handle, our team, which includes a former Assistant District Attorney and lawyers with a combination of seven decades of experience in personal injury litigation, work closely with our Labor Law attorneys on behalf of union members injured in construction accidents covered under the New York State Labor Law.

If you or a family member has sustained an injury from an incident below, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

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