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A. Thomas Levin Presents at NYGFOA's Long Island Summer Seminar

Local Government and Land UseProfessional Responsibility
Event Date: July 11, 2018
Event Time: 8:30am
Type: Seminar
Venue: Atlantis Banquets & Events, Riverhead, NY
Municipal Debt Markets in the Post Tax Reform Era 2 CPE - GSK | 2 GFI (FDN:DM, ADV:GEN)
  • How have municipal debt markets reacted since the passage of Federal Tax Reform in late 2017.
  • What changes in the debt markets should finance officers be aware of before issuing notes and bonds.
  • What might we expect from the debt markets in the short term.
Where is that in State Law? 1 CPE - GSK |1 GFI (FDN or ADV:GEN)
  • Which Articles and Sections of NYS General Municipal Law and NYS Local Finance Law with which finance officers be familiar.