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James Garbus Speaks at the ACG's 2015 Long Island Breakfast Meeting

Corporate FinanceCorporate Law
Event Date: November 17, 2015
Event Time: 8:00 AM
Topic: Top Issues That Arise in the Sale of Privately Owned Businesses that Most Owners Never Consider
Venue: Hofstra University Club

On November 17th, James Garbus will be speaking at the ACG's 2015 Long Island Breakfast Meeting. The topic of this meeting is, "Top Issues That Arise in the Sale of Privately Owned Businesses that Most Owners Never Consider." The ACG Long Island has assembled am amazing panel to speak about the real life issues that they have confronted in the course of selling and buying privately owned business and practical solutions on how to deal with them. This is a must event for owners who might be considering selling their companies as well as the lawyers, investment bankers, accountants, private equity funds, wealth advisors and other professionals that participate in the M&A world. Through a lively panel discussion peppered with anecdotes and war stories, we will touch on such topics as:

• What is the buyer actually buying -- the treatment of cash, loans, securities, real estate and the like in a sale
• The mysteries of working capital and the 6 different ways of calculating it
• Reps, warranties, indemnities, caps, buckets, collars -- what is typical and maybe ways to avoid them
•Keeping your business intact during the sale process -- dealing with customers, suppliers and employees
• Issues working with a partner for the first time -- planning, reporting requirements, no more using company cash as a checkbook
• Dealing with fees charged by the private equity fund and others as part of the transaction and ongoing

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