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Serving As Arbitrator

May 3, 2024Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Kevin Schlosser Shares His Insights - Serving As Arbitrator

I have been an active practicing attorney for nearly 40 years.

There are very few areas of the law that I haven't dealt with.

I have immersed myself and become an expert in each of these legal fields.

I have a thorough understanding of a broad array of commercial and business relationships, and apply a very practical, real world approach to the determination of disputes.

To streamline the arbitration process, I focus on the heart of what is at issue. What is required for a fair and thorough presentation of the issues?

I will actively and carefully monitor, oversee, and quickly resolve any areas of disagreement to keep the issues focused and on track for a timely resolution consistent with the schedule and expectations of the parties and their counsel.

I respect the importance of discovery in preparing for trials and hearings.

I believe that full and fair discovery of information pays critical dividends not only to focus the evidentiary hearing, but to educate counsel and their clients on the strengths and weaknesses of their positions.

Of course, I will not tolerate abuse of the discovery process for unacceptable and ulterior purposes.

In addition to my role as a mediator and arbitrator, I am an active practicing attorney.

I have litigated, including in bench and jury trials and appeals, every facet of commercial disputes. I am a member of our firm's executive management, and head of our litigation department.

I also serve as outside general counsel for a number of our larger corporate clients, overseeing their entire legal affairs.