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Paul Millus Quoted in USA Today, “Kleiner Perkins 'Not a Level Playing Field'”

Feb 25, 2015Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Media Source: USA Today


USA Today quoted Paul Millus in an article titled “Ellen Pao lawyer: Kleiner Perkins 'not a level playing field'.” The article, published February 25th, discusses a Silicon Valley gender discrimination trial involving Ellen Pao, a former partner at Silicon Valley’s premier venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The article stated: 'Kleiner Perkins isn't helping itself by quoting reviews that make Pao out to be passive and not a leader 'because those phrases have become fodder for attorneys who argue that there is a culture of gender bias in the workplace,' said Paul Millus, a litigator with law firm Meyer Suozzi's employment law division in Garden City, N.Y.”

The full article can be read at USA Today.