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Meyer Suozzi Presents Scholarships to Three Veterans Attending NCC

Dec 11, 2012
Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C., has awarded scholarships to three veterans who served in Iraq and are now enrolled at Nassau Community College. “As our troops return home it is incumbent upon the Long Island business community to assist these heroic men and women transition into civilian life,” said Meyer Suozzi Managing Attorney, Lois Schlissel. “It is essential that we create jobs for those who served and help fund their education so that they can compete for jobs in this very difficult economic climate.” The Meyer Suozzi scholarship committee was chaired by A. Thomas Levin, chair of the firm's Municipal Law, Land Use and Environmental Compliance practice and the Professional Responsibility practice. About the scholarship recipients: Bethpage resident David Serana received a $1,000 scholarship from the firm. Serana who is 39 years old enrolled at Nassau Community College to obtain the necessary prerequisites so that he can attend medical school. Serana served as a combat medic in Mosul, Iraq a job he says that has led him to commit to becoming a physician. Serana says after a three day combat patrol, a soldier from Long Island complained of severe headaches. Serana provided the soldier provided what care he could, and made sure that the soldier was quickly seen by a doctor. During their time together, the soldier shared with him his plans to open an auto repair shop upon his return to Long Island and his dream of marrying his girlfriend and starting a family with her. However, that soldier’s dreams were never realized, he was killed a week later. David Serana accompanied his friend's casket from the morgue to the plane which would carry his body back to Long Island. After returning to the United States, Serana volunteered to drive another soldier to the hospital on the base at Fort Hood for his ongoing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. His friend survived a number of morphine overdoses but eventually was killed when his car collided with a tractor trailer. Serana says he has no doubt that his buddy was a suicide victim. Serana says another close friend hung himself upon his return to the small-town his family lived in Minnesota. To honor his fallen comrades, David Serana says he hopes to become a doctor and dedicate his career to treating veterans who suffer from PTSD and traumatic brain disorder. Plainview resident, Mario Keh received a $600 from the firm. Keh served two tours of duty in Afghanistan from October, 2008 until April, 2011. He is currently studying engineering science at Nassau Community College and plans on pursuing a career in computer engineering Oceanside resident Jason Green received a $600 scholarship from the firm. A Marine Sargent, he served in Afghanistan for seven months in 2011. Green is married and the father of a four month old son, who when he is old enough will explain the importance of service to country, the need to believe in what you do and to know that you can achieve whatever you set out to do, if you give it your all. Before enlisting Sargent Green attended Dowling College, he says at the time he was not dedicated to his studies, but life in the military, marriage and fatherhood matured him and he is committed to succeeding. Green is pursuing a degree in business management at Nassau Community College where he has a 4.0 GPA and also works full time at Cablevision. He hopes to bring a faster more mobile more resilient and more affordable communications product to consumers. Green says this scholarship and the curriculum at NCC will make his dream possible.