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Michael Reynolds Featured in The LI Law Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

Michael P. Reynolds, Esq., tax certiorari attorney, explains why every property owner should grieve property taxes now.

Welcome to the LI Law Podcast. We feature legal issues and developments which affect Long Island residents and business owners. The podcast focuses on Long Island law topics and includes greater New York court and legislative happenings. If you are one of the approximate 8 million residents of Long Island (Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Kings counties), or want to enjoy all law-related matters on Long Island, this podcast is for you! Our guest on this 32nd episode is Michael P. Reynolds, Esq., a tax certiorari attorney. Mike Reynolds has worked both as a Deputy County Attorney and as a petitioner’s attorney in the field of tax certiorari. He is a former prosecutor and the current President of the Society of Professional Investigators. In his public appearances, Mr. Reynolds discusses the numbers behind your tax bill, what the County is looking at in determining fair market value, and what it isn’t. The approach to assessments varies from New York City to Montauk. This makes for an interesting collection of challenges and solutions for property owners. EVERY taxpayer needs to know what goes into a tax bill and nearly EVERY taxpayer should be protesting, EVERY year. This year’s deadline to file a tax grievance is March 2, 2020 in NYC and Nassau County, but Mike recommends giving yourself a Valentine’s Day gift and filing in February. Click here to view the Podcast.