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Andrew Turro Featured in The University of Arizona's Race Track Industry Program

Mar 27, 2015Equine & Racing Law

Andrew Turro, who works for the firm Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C., made a return appearance speaking in three classes including the ACBS 497 Hirsch Speaker Series covering a variety of topics over two days. He shared his experience and expertise in various areas with the students.

In the Hirsch Speaker Series, Turro spoke about life after college and the steps that students should take upon graduating. He pointed out the importance of being professional, not being scared to take a risk, and to not be afraid of failing. Students gathered important information and tips about how to be successful after graduation.

The next class Turro spoke in was the ACBS 433 Advanced Racing Laws and Enforcement class. He discussed dealing with out of competition equine drug testing rules in New York and working with the horsemen. He talked about his cases and how they relate to the legal system in general and the horse racing industry.

Lastly, he spoke to the ACBS 446 Human Resource Management class. The main topic was performance appraisals, and how they relate to the organization and its employees. He went over the types of appraisals and what the goals of them should be. He also touched on legal issues that could arise from them. At the end of class he gave examples of cases that he has dealt with in order to give students an idea of real life issues that can arise.