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A. Thomas Levin Receives Two New Appointments

Aug 15, 2012Local Government and Land Use

Media Source: The New York Law Journal / Newsday / Long Island Business News


A. Thomas Levin will be serving on the Nassau County Bar Association's Task Force to review the proposed new Caretaker Attorney rules. This is a good idea, to protect clients when attorneys are unable to continue to represent them and don't have provisions in place for someone to take over pending cases. The rules would let the courts appoint Caretaker Attorneys to make sure that clients' interests are protected.

Mr. Levin will also serving on the Virgin Islands Bar Association Ad Hoc Committee on Court Appointments. They are reviewing the court rules in the Virgin Islands pertaining to appointment of counsel for indigent defendants in criminal matters and in civil matters where indigent persons are entitled to counsel. They will be making recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Virgin Islands Bar Association, for the Association to propose new rules or amendments to the courts.