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Paul Millus Speaks at the NCBA's Dean's Hour

Event Date: March 2, 2017
Event Time: 1:00 pm
Topic: Non-Compete Clauses: The Law Today and Their Future Viability
Type: Seminar
Venue: Nassau County Bar Association - Mineola, NY

On March 2nd, Paul Millus will speak at the Nassau County Bar Association's Dean's Hour with the NCBA Labor & Employment Law Committee. The topic for this program is, "Non-Compete Clauses: The Law Today and Their Future Viability." We all remember the cursory review agreements not to compete were given in law school; “legal if reasonably limited in duration and geography.” That might have been enough for the bar exam, but it is not enough for the real world. In the 21st Century, where we are far more of an information economy, a company’s most significant asset is its intellectual property and institutional knowledge. These are things shared with employees, and when they depart, you simply cannot take it back.

Therefore, non-competition agreements and language have become more important than ever. Where do you draw the line? How do you measure “reasonable geography” in a global economy? What constitutes a lawful duration where information might be outdated in a week---or not for years?

These are crucial issues that many practitioners face, encompassing a broad scope of practice sectors: labor, business, and personal law, to name a few. Our distinguished panel will share its expertise to introduce the novice to the subject, and impart pragmatic advice to the more experienced practitioner.

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