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Richard Fromewick Writes, "2021 Year of Pandemic and Higher Taxes"

Sep 24, 2020
Real Estate Taxes will be increasing. Nassau and Suffolk Counties are in dire straits because of the pandemic. The assessments were set before the pandemic so now assessments should be lowered. The filing of protests in January 2021 are to lower the assessments in 2022. We expect the taxes to remain at a high level because of lower sales tax revenues and NYS payments to school districts have also been cut and those protesting should receive lower assessments because of the new taxes. You cannot wait until you receive a tax bill to protest. It is too late to complain about the October 2020 school tax bills. You must file your complaint/grievance/protest a year in advance to give the Assessors the opportunity to make corrections and lower the assessments. Due diligence means having your assessment checked when the new assessments are published in 2021- that is essential. We hope for some federal money to help the municipalities but we cannot count on that. Be alert and stay safe!