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Richard Fromewick Writes, "2021 Nassau Assessment"

Jan 15, 2021
On January 2, 2021 the Nassau County Assessor published the tentative 2022/23 real property tax assessments. It appears that the assessments are the same as published last year for the 2021/22 tax year. However, most of the assessments have a component of both a taxable portion and non-taxable portion that is because assessment increases were being Phased-In over a five year period. So it is not only the total assessment which determines the value of the property but also the taxable portion of the assessment when multiplied by the tax rate that determines your tax burden. So the same assessment will have a greater tax every year because the taxable portion of the assessment is being Phased-In. The Nassau assessments have become more complicated than ever. Due diligence and prudence should require having your assessment checked by an attorney specializing in real property tax matters.