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Richard Fromewick Authors, "Taxes are Up - Market Values are Up"

Jan 9, 2019

Welcome to January 2019 and the new Nassau tax bill and the re-assessment for commercial and residential properties for 2020/21. You might find this hard to believe, but (you knew there was a but coming); the notice you received before the New Year is not necessarily correct. The assessor made thousands of changes, so far.

The only way to know what the proposed assessment will be for 2020/21 is to check the January 2, 2019 assessment roll. Even then you will not know the tax impact for that new assessment. The tax rates for the 2019/20 assessments are not even close to being calculated. The 2020/21 tax bills are 22 months away! The only prudent approach is to have an expert check your new assessment to determine if a protest should be filed.

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