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Richard Fromewick Authors, "The Disputed Assessment Fund (DAF)"

Jan 18, 2017

Nassau County commercial real estate taxpayers received a very expensive tax bill this year. New York State allowed Nassau County to create a special additional DAF tax to create millions of dollars to be available for refunds when the Nassau assessor over assesses commercial real estate. Property owners are being over-taxed to correct the over assessment of their property.

The only way to have this extra tax removed is to file a complaint by March 1, 2017, or that onerous and possibly illegal tax will remain. Adding insult to injury, the tax rate was dramatically increased for most properties. This extra tax is a devastating blow to many commercial taxpayers – more taxes means less profits. The DAF lowers the market value of your property and adds to the burden of conducting business in Nassau County.

The time is now to have your assessment reviewed