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Paul Millus Quoted in USA Today, “Ellen Pao Could Get $160 Million”

Mar 23, 2015Employment LawLitigation & Dispute Resolution

Media Source: USA Today


USA Today quoted Paul Millus in an article titled “Ellen Pao Could Get $160 Million.” The article, published March 23rd, discusses a Silicon Valley gender discrimination trial involving Ellen Pao, a former partner at Silicon Valley’s premier venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The judge in the case has ruled that the fired venture capitalist has the right to sue for punitive damages

The article stated: “The ruling must be 'very disconcerting,' for Kleiner, said Paul Millus, an employment law specialist with the Garden City, NY firm of Meyer Suozzi.

'What was a run of the mill discrimination lawsuit for the most part is a whole other animal when punitive damages are involved. Usually punitive damages are reserved for the worst of the worst behavior, which did not seem to be described in this case. The judge obviously believes otherwise or is erring on the side of caution for appeal purposes. Either way, this ups the ante for Kleiner Perkins exponentially,' he said.”

The full article can be read at USA Today.