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A. Thomas Levin in Patch, "RVC Village Board News: Planning Code Modifications Presented"

Jun 8, 2011Local Government and Land UseProfessional Responsibility

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Two separate local laws addressing tow and zoning regulations were approved at Tuesday's village board meeting, as well as a lease agreement between the village and the Economic Opportunity Council to rent space at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center for its Headstart program.

Local law 1109 modified some new regulations implemented in the village's planning code. The original changes dealt with height, lot coverage and setbacks for residential homes, but after meeting with contractors and lawyers, the Village Board chose to ease some of those restrictions.

To see what changes were approved, click here.

Local law 1110 addressed licensing towing companies in the village. According to village attorney Tom Levin, the new law will allow tow companies currently working with the village to extend their licensing agreement until September if they pay a certain fee by June 30. The new law will also broaden the village's alternatives in terms of which company it can use, he said.

Village trustees also approved a contract and lease agreement between the Economic Opportunity Council and the village to rent space in the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center for the EOC's Headstart program.

In other news, the Enchanted Winterland Committee raised more than $13,000 for the RVC Community Fund, and presented the board with a check for the money at Tuesday's meeting. Trustees also agreed to use the village's reverse 911 system to inform residents of the change to a sole polling location for the June 21 election.

All residents who want to vote in the election must do so at the recreation center from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m