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A. Thomas Levin Featured in LawTechnologyForum, "A Conversation with the NYS Bar Association President"

Jun 15, 2003Local Government and Land Use

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'I'm looking forward to discussions how NYSBA can help itself, and its members, make efficient and effective use of electronic communications technology to enhance their respective functions and productivity.'

'With respect to NYSBA, I would like to see us developing electronic means of communications with members, and more effective ways of providing NYSBA resources to members via the internet. I think this is an excellent medium to permit us to get information about our agenda out to members and the public, and to provide members with a resource base which will serve as an attraction to membership in the Association. In particular, we can use our website as a public relations medium for our Association (keeping in mind that the only ones who will see what we put on the site are those who come to it for some other reason).'

'With respect to member attorneys, it is clear that electronic communications are here to stay, and that they are becoming an ever more popular alternative to other means of discourse (which is not always good). Attorneys need to learn how to use it, tame it for their particular needs, and not allow it to overwhelm their time management systems.'

'I would also like to find ways to make better use of distance teleconferencing, so long as the essential element of an in person group meeting (the ability to see and hear the other participants, and participate in the give and take of discussion) are not lost. This would be an excellent means of coping with a problem which I encounter on a regular basis: the frequent scheduling of short committee meetings exclusively in NYC, so that the only participants are those who are nearby and can attend without an excessive expenditure of time and/or money.'