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Randall Eng, A. Thomas Levin and Michael Antongiovanni Obtained Restraining Order Preventing City "Busway"

Nov 16, 2020Litigation & Dispute ResolutionLocal Government and Land Use

Media Source: New York Post

Meyer Suozzi attorneys, Hon. (ret.) Randall T. Eng, A. Thomas Levin and Michael J. Antongiovanni, recently obtained an emergency restraining order on behalf of their clients, enjoining the New York City Department of Transportation and other city respondents from implementing a plan to convert a certain portion of Main Street in Flushing, Queens, to an exclusive “busway” that would have prevented private vehicular traffic from freely traversing the roadway. The restraining order provides necessary protection for the businesses of this thriving commercial hub, which depend heavily upon such consumer traffic and accessibility.

Click here to read more about the ban published in the New York Post article, "Long-delayed Flushing busway put on hold by judge’s ban, lawsuit."