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"The Nassau Grievance Period January 2, 2023" By Richard Fromewick

Sep 9, 2022Tax Certiorari & Condemnation Law

If you believe that your taxes are high it is too late to protest now.

Protests to assessments have to be filed more than a year in advance to give the Assessor the opportunity to correct the assessment.

In January, new assessments will be published and you can protest the 2024/2025 taxes.

Yes, it is only January 2023 and the new tax bill that you would be complaining does not come out until October 2024. So there is 22 months for hearings and conferences which allows the assessment department to work on the protests and hopefully reduce the assessments.

You should definitely have your assessment checked in January for Nassau County and the new assessments for Suffolk are published in May 2023.

Remember, the Assessor is not your friend.