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Richard Fromewick Writes, “Nassau County Real Estate Tax Assessment Increases”

Sep 22, 2021

Nassau County re-assessed every residential and commercial property for 2020/2021 tax year.

Many assessments increased and most properties experienced higher tax rates, even properties with assessment reductions might have higher taxes because the tax rates increased for every property in the same school district.

The bad news is that many assessments increased and only part of the increased assessments are taxed; the phase-in of the assessments and taxes will continue to increase over the next 4 years.

The good news is that an assessment reduction now will stop that increase or, at least, reduce that increase. That means you must protest your real estate tax assessment in the coming filing period - January 1, 2022 - March 1, 2022. We have successfully reduced hundreds of reassessment increases last year.

The taxes you are paying now had to have been protested last year. If you do not protest the assessment in this filing period, you will be paying higher taxes next year.

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