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How are your property taxes?

Aug 31, 2023Tax Certiorari & Condemnation Law

Have you checked your latest tax bill for the taxes and the assessment? Are they higher than last year? Even if assessments have not increased, or even decreased, the taxes you pay probably went up because the tax rates increased and revaluation assessments from 2021 are still being phased in.

The new assessments and new taxes will be promulgated in January 2024. You can grieve that new assessment which is for the 2025/2026 tax year. We will not know the 2025 and 2026 taxes for 18 months but if you do not grieve the new assessment in January, it is too late to complain when you get your tax bill.

Remember to have the current assessment checked now and then the January 2024 assessment checked by an experienced tax certiorari attorney.

Bottom Line -- the assessor is not your friend!