Paul Millus Quoted in The Washington Post, “Why Kaci Hickox Might Lose a Legal Battle against Ebola Quarantine”

Media Source: The Washington Post

Millus_Paul_NewThe Washington Post quoted Paul Millus in an article titled “Why Kaci Hickox Might Lose a Legal Battle against Ebola Quarantine.” The article, published October 30th discusses Kaci Hickoc, the Doctors Without Borders nurse who is fighting state-imposed Ebola quarantines and has threatened to challenge the restrictions in court.

The article stated: ‘Under Maine law, there has to be an “actual or threatened epidemic” to impose a quarantine. Paul Millus, a civil rights attorney who is not representing Hickox, told The Washington Post in an e-mail the state could have a hard time proving that as Hickox hasn’t shown symptoms. “Moreover, it is not quite clear that they would be able, medically speaking, to produce clear and convincing evidence that would require Ms. Hickox to quarantine,” he said.”

The full article can be read at The Washington Post.