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Tax Certiorari & Condemnation Law

Since 1980, the attorneys in Meyer Suozzi’s Tax Certiorari and Condemnation Practice have helped homeowners explore their options and optimize their property tax position. Among these attorneys are a former Deputy Chief of the Tax Certiorari Bureau of Nassau County and the New York City Condemnation Bureau and former chairs of the Nassau and Suffolk Bar Association Tax Certiorari Committees.

We often ask our clients if they know what goes into their tax bill. Do they understand how and why the government sets a certain value on your home? The attorneys at Meyer Suozzi have the answers, and can explain the components of your bill and map out a strategy for addressing your tax burden, making sure you pay only your fair share as a homeowner.

Our attorneys examine assessment records for errors and inaccuracies, search for all available abatements and exemptions and review the accuracy of market value estimates. When mistakes are made, we quickly move to obtain refunds of real estate tax over-payments and ensure that future assessments are reduced. We consult with appraisers, engineers and other experts, and appear at administrative hearings, try cases and try appeals.

Meyer Suozzi knows your residential neighborhood and understands the law when it comes to your property taxes.


  • Real Estate Tax Reduction
  • Vacant, Storm Damaged and Polluted Property Tax Reduction
  • Residential Tax Exemption Programs including STAR (School Tax Assessment Relief), the Home Improvement Exemption, etc.
  • Condemnation and Eminent Domain Proceedings

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