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Parents of special education students often find that school districts fail to provide the services their children require. Meyer Suozzi’s goal is to help special education children secure their right to a free appropriate public education and to reach their potential in school.  We also represent children in school disciplinary hearings and other matters.

The attorneys who founded this practice group are themselves parents of special needs children, affording our clients a uniquely empathetic and personal perspective. We know firsthand the emotional turmoil created when a school district fails to address special education needs. We analyze each situation and implement effective and creative solutions, working hand-in-hand with parents throughout the process.

We represent special education students with all types of disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia and other learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and mental health issues, and twice exceptional (2e) disabilities, at Committee on Special Education (CSE) hearings, which school districts convene annually to determine the needs of each classified student. If a child is not granted appropriate accommodations for their disability at the CSE level, we represent them during the ensuing mandated administrative process including representation at impartial hearings and Article 78 Proceedings.  We assess the child’s needs and explore with the parent the services the school district may be required to provide.

When our clients are handed an unfair decision regularly called upon to litigate Article 78 Proceedings.

In addition, the firm counsels parents in legislative and regulatory developments affecting special education law, including changes to education programs, federal funding and other proposed Bills and Acts before congress.

Through our involvement in several Long Island-based special education groups as well as organizations such as the Henry Viscardi School and Variety Child Learning Center, we offer clients an unparalleled network of resources in addition to our substantial legal muscle.