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Bankruptcy Litigation & Mediation

Meyer Suozzi’s Bankruptcy attorneys are highly skilled litigators and have been trained at some of New York City’s most prominent law firms. We understand that litigation can sometimes be expensive and are mindful of our clients’ need to control those costs and the related business disruption. By focusing on what is important to our clients and taking a surgical rather than shot gun approach to litigation, our clients and attorneys are able to work collaboratively to achieve the clients’ litigation goals.

Meyer Suozzi’s Bankruptcy litigators have successfully handled a wide range of matters including prosecuting and defending hundreds of preference and fraudulent transfer matters, prosecuting administrative claims such as those of landlords and vendors to representing investment banks in the close out of ISDA transactions and committees and trustees in massive fraud and fiduciary duty actions against insiders. Having a Southern District of New York panel trustee as one of our team gives us great insight to resolving matters with other trustees that inures to the benefit of our clients.

Meyer Suozzi is also very active in mediation both as mediators and representing parties in mediation. In fact, four of our members are on the mediation panels of the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and/or Delaware Bankruptcy Courts. Our mediation engagements have included not only claims and avoidance litigation, but multi-party plan negotiations as well. Our experience as mediators allows us to achieve better mediation results for our clients when representing them as parties to a mediation. Our emphasis on mediation is important for two reasons. First, Bankruptcy Judges are relying more and more on mediation to resolve disputes. And second, resolving disputes through mediation is consistent with our goal of achieving results for clients at reasonable cost.