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Meyer Suozzi’s cybersecurity practice group is an interdisciplinary team of attorneys focused on an increasingly important area of concern for modern businesses: the safety of sensitive, confidential information, such as trade secrets, that, due to today’s technologies, tends to be stored electronically and thus is at increased risk of theft or other unauthorized disclosure. Our attorneys are equipped to counsel your company in a variety of the legal fields where the subject of cybersecurity is becoming more prevalent. They include litigation, corporate transactions, employment, and insurance:


Meyer Suozzi’s litigators work with trusted information technology professionals to investigate data breaches, particularly those caused intentionally or carelessly by current or former directors, officers, employees, and third-party service providers, and, when necessary, we will prosecute and defend civil lawsuits resulting from those breaches. Litigation arising out of a data breach may be in the form of a shareholder derivative suit, an action for professional malpractice, or it may involve claims of unfair competition, the misappropriation of trade secrets, common law torts, such as fraud and conversion, or federal statutes such as the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act and the relatively new Defend Trade Secrets Act.


Transactional attorneys from Meyer Suozzi’s corporate practice group assist companies with the cybersecurity implications of mergers and acquisitions, including the negotiating and drafting of representations, warranties, covenants, and indemnities relating to cybersecurity in merger and acquisition documents. Meyer Suozzi’s corporate attorneys also counsel businesses as to the cybersecurity issues and risks in vendor, supplier, customer, client, and outsourcing contracts. Our attorneys give advice regarding the continually expanding array of laws, rules, regulations, and standards in the cybersecurity field, and we assist businesses in developing written policies in the cybersecurity field that keep pace with recent developments, requirements, and best practices.


Attorneys from Meyer Suozzi’s labor and employment practice conduct training programs, prepare employment agreements, and draft employee manuals, handbooks, and policies that incorporate cybersecurity measures and best practices to protect companies’ valuable information to the fullest extent possible.


Meyer Suozzi’s attorneys review current or prospective policies, whether traditional or cyber-specific, and, if necessary, we commence and prosecute litigation to attain coverage.