Richard Winsten Authors, “UNITE HERE – Keeping Health Coverage”

Publication Source: UNITE HERE: Healthy New York Program

Richard_D_WinstenLaunched in February 2005, the UNITE HERE-Healthy New York program is the first experiment that links private and public funding to help maintain the employer-paid health insurance of unionized workers.

UNITE HERE-Healthy New York expands upon a state program — Healthy New York — that lowers small employers’ premiums by covering the cost of expensive health care claims. Designed to help small employers one at a time, UNITE HERE spent four years working with a variety of institutions — among them the New York State Department of Insurance and the UNITE HERE National Health Fund — to develop a model that expands Healthy New York to employers who are under contractual obligation to provide their employees with health insurance contributions that they make to multi-employer benefit funds.

To learn more about this program please open the Adobe PDF featuring the article written by Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein attorney and member Richard D. Winsten and Michael Hirsch of Amalgamted Life Insurance.