Charles O’Shea Writes “Fines Ruled As Illegal Tax” Op-Ed for Newsday

Publication Source: Newsday

As a former Nassau County Assessor, I have first-hand knowledge regarding the development of fair and equitable assessments for commercial properties. As a former New York State Legislator, I also understand that the Nassau County government requires enough revenue to operate in a professional and effective manner.

That being said, as Judge Anthony Marano astutely pointed out in his ruling on Tuesday and which was highlighted in the Newsday article, “Fines Ruled as ‘Illegal Tax’,” the penalties for not supplying timely information for the Disputed Assessment Fund, initially designed as fines, can be construed as fees used to raise revenue.

Nassau County at this point, must find a more reasonable process to accurately assess class 4 commercial properties while potentially subsidizing the Disputed Assessment Fund.