Richard Winsten Honored by Freelancers Union with Practical Revolutionary Award

Winsten_RichardThe Freelancers Union recently presented Richard D. Winsten, Co-Chair of Meyer, Suozzi’s Government Relations practice with its ‘Practical Revolutionary Award’ for his outstanding contributions and service in building protections for the growing independent workforce. In addition to his role in the creation of New York’s first law to provide portable health insurance for freelance workers, Mr. Winsten was recognized for his contributions to New York’s workforce including the New York State COBRA health insurance subsidy program for the workers in the entertainment industry, pro bono work for Domestic Workers United leading to the first domestic worker bill of rights statute in the country, and pro bono work for the  Rural Migrant Ministries, working to win labor and civil rights for those who were excluded from the New Deal’s Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the Freelancers Union,” said Mr. Winsten. “The workplace has dramatically changed and there is an entire economy founded on an independent, freelance workforce. I am proud that practice of law enables me to contribute to bringing workplace protections current with the realities of our new paradigm of employment.”

Mr. Winsten is Chairman of the Board of the New York State Public Utility Law Project, a legal services backup center for representation of low income consumers of telephone, electric, gas and other utility services. He has served as a Member of the Board since 1989. Mr. Winsten obtained his Juris Doctor for New York University School of Law in 1977 and graduated Binghamton University in 1973.