Paul Millus Quoted in Portland Press Herald, “Q&A: Ebola Quarantine and the Law”

Media Source: Portland Press Herald

Millus_Paul_NewThe Portland Press Herald quoted Paul Millus in an article entitled, “Q&A: Ebola Quarantine and the Law.” The Q&A, published October 30th, discusses plans to seek a court order in Fort Kent District Court making Kaci Hickox to abide by a quarantine in her home.

The article stated: “Q:  Is there a chance the state won’t succeed?

A: Yes. According to Paul Millus, a litigator with the New York firm Meyer, Suozzi, English and Klein, the absence of any symptoms will make it hard for the state to prove there is an actual or threatened epidemic or show medical evidence that Hickox needs to be quarantined.”

The full article can be read at Portland Press Herald.