Patricia McConnell Noted in Law360, “Record Labels Sued Over Streaming Fees For Artist Pension”

Media Source: Law360

Patricia-McConnellLaw360 mentioned Patricia McConnell in an article titled “Record Labels Sued Over Streaming Fees For Artist Pension.” The article, published August 11th, discusses the American Federation of Musicians latest lawsuit that is accusing several record labels of failing to pay for a portion of streaming music royalties into a pension fund for musicians.

The article stated: “The musicians union, which has already filed several major lawsuits on behalf of artists this year, says the record labels have been obligated since 1994 to pay a 0,5 percent of digital transmissions royalty to artists, Since 20L2, those payments were supposed to go into a pension for artists,

But an audit begun last year now shows that Atlantic Recording Corp, Hollywood Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group Recordings Inc, and Warner Brothers Records Inc. haven’t been making the payments for music streamed abroad, in violation of both the agreement and federal retirement fund laws.”

“The American Federation of Musicians has had a busy year in court. In April, the group sued Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc,, Paramount Pictures Inc, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. for creating soundtracks to ‘fnterstellar’ and other big films overseas, in violation of their collective bargaining agreement. In May, the group sued the studios again, this time accusing them of reusing soundtracks. Some of the claims against the studios have since settled.

Then last month, the group sued Sony Music for allegedly breaching a collective bargaining agreement by failing to properly compensate musicians for recording sessions and for ‘new uses’ of their musical compositions.

AFM is represented by Patricia McConnell of Meyer Suozzi English & Klein PC”

The full article can be read at Law360 (subscription required).