Hanan Kolko Appears on NY1’s News All Morning

Media Source: NY1 - News All Morning

Hanan_B_KolkoHanan Kolko, litigator in the Labor and Employee Benefits practice at Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein’s New York office appeared on NY1’s News All Morning to share his views on ‘working while on vacation’.

Mr. Kolko states, ‘People feel there is an expectation to stay in touch. People feel like if they have the ability to stay connected, they must. And the other thing is that the technology has sped up the workday. It used to be that you didn’t have to respond to messages or email, because it wasn’t instant. But today, email enables someone from a thousand miles away to reach out and tap you on the shoulder.’

Mr. Kolko advises discipline. One should set a specific amount of time a day to handle their tasks, and do them in a place that won’t disturb family and friends. He goes on to say, ‘Don’t set yourself up in the middle of the family room, if you’ve rented a condo, and answer your e-mails while everyone else is getting ready to go skiing. Do it away from them. Do it when they’re not around. And when you’re done with that hour, stop.’

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