Judge Warshawsky Participates on Panel of the Corporate eDiscovery Forum

  • Event Date: February 1, 2013
  • Event Time: 8:00 AM

The Corporate E-Discovery Forum is a group of corporate representatives interested in areas generally related to Electronic Discovery, including document retention policies and enterprise content management practices, litigation holds, preservation, collection, processing of electronically-stored information, cost and risk management, best practices to avoid spoliation and sanctions, and understanding plaintiffs’ strategies, as well as other related issues. The Forum provides a venue for open and candid discussions among its members, but nothing said within the Forum may be attributable to or be considered the official position of any specific corporation. In order to meet this objective, all Forum member discussions are confidential and ‘off the record’. Because this atmosphere of mutual trust and open communication is essential to the Forum’s value for its members, adherence to these principles is expected of all members and is a condition for continued Forum membership. For more information visit: www.corporateediscoveryforum.com