“Governor Cuomo has signed into law the Medical Marijuana Expedited Access Bill. This law will  creates an expedited access to medical marijuana in certain cases where a patient’s condition is progressive and degenerative. The measure will create an expedited approval process for people facing degenerative diseases and those who further face the risk of death or serious harm without the drug. . Qualifying conditions include cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease and epilepsy. It also authorizes state health officials to work with regulated producers who can provide marijuana to patients as soon as possible

New York’s wider medical marijuana program is expected to be operational in January — a full 18 months after lawmakers approved it.This emergency access law is designed to get medicine to the neediest patients, including young children, as quickly as possible.  It gives the Health Department flexibility to modify requirements of the current law and regulations to speed up production and distribution to patients with the most critical need.