Richard Corenthal Wins Appeal on Behalf of Garden City Firefighters

Corenthal_RichardOn September 21, 2015, in a case handled by Richard S. Corenthal, the Appellate Division, Second Department unanimously ruled that Local 1588, the Professional Firefighters Association could proceed with an arbitration challenging the Village of Garden City’s decision to layoff six Career Firefighters and assign their work to non bargaining unit Volunteers. The Appellate Division, Second Department ruled that Local 1588’s claims that the Village of Garden City improperly assigned bargaining unit work to nonunion volunteers, the very issue as to arbitrability has already been decided by this Court (Matter of Professional Firefighters Assn. of Nassau County, Local 1588, Intl. Assn. of Firefighters, AFL-CIO, 119 AD3d 803). By confirming an arbitration award which directed the petitioner to cease and desist from assigning bargaining unit work to volunteers, this Court has implicitly acknowledged the arbitrability of that specific issue.” This case represents a significant legal victory for the Garden City Firefighters represented by Mr. Corenthal.