Meyer Suozzi Successfully Represents Sullivan County Laborers Local 17 Before NY Supreme Court

Corenthal_RichardNew York State Supreme Court, Sullivan County Justice Stephan G. Schick, by Decision and Order dated August 26, 2014, recently rejected a challenge by Sullivan County to prevent Laborers Local 17 from arbitrating a dispute involving the failure of Sullivan County to maintain a workforce of 128 employees in the County’s Department of Public Works (“DPW”). In 2010, Sullivan County had requested and obtained significant financial concessions in exchange for its promise to maintain a workforce of 128. Sullivan County reneged on the agreement , despite the fact that the Sullivan County Legislature budgeted for 128 positions and is now trying to have it both ways by obtaining all of the financial concessions made by Local 17 in order to avoid staffing cuts but without the County keeping its end of the bargain by maintaining 128 employees in the DPW unit. Judge Schick ruled that the dispute is subject to arbitration under Local 17’s collective bargaining agreement. Meyer Suozzi Member Richard S. Corenthal represented Laborer’s Union Local 17 in the matter.