Judge Decides That Sullivan County Violated Union Contract

Media Source: Recordonline.com

Corenthal_RichardRichard S. Corenthal, Member of  the Labor Department at Meyer Suozzi’s New York City office represented Laborer’s Union Local 17, which represents Department of Public Works employees.

Supreme Court Judge Christopher Cahill ruled Monday that arbitrator Josef Sirefman correctly decided in favor of Laborer’s International Local 17, who claimed that Sullivan County violated a contract with the union by transferring the duties of one of its clerks positions to a job represented by another union.

The union had sought arbitration after the county eliminated positions in 2009. It argued that the duties of one of those positions, a DPW clerk, were illegally transferred to the county Treasurer’s Office, whose clerks are represented by Teamsters Local 445.

‘The County’s lawsuit challenging the prior award and opinion of the Arbitrator in this matter represented a great waste of taxpayer dollars and should not have been filed,’ Richard Corenthal, the attorney for Local 17, said in a statement.

The county, meanwhile, disagrees with Local 17’s claim, County Manager David Fanslau said Friday. It would also continue efforts to negotiate a solution with Local 17, he said.

‘The duties in question are duties that are appropriately performed by the county treasurer’s office within the authority of that office under the charter,’ he said.