Megann McManus Speaks at the 10th Annual ABA Labor and Employment Law Conference

  • Event Date: November 11, 2016
  • Topic: “Just Culture” Policies:
  • Venue: Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers: 301 E North Water St Chicago, IL 60611-4300

On November 11th, Megann McManus will speak on a panel at the 10th Annual America Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Law Conference. The topic that Ms. McManus is speaking on is “Just Culture” Policies.

“Just Culture” Policies: What You Need to Know Employers are increasingly implementing “Just Culture” or similar policies intended to promote safe practices and behavior in the workplace. Some of these programs have replaced “zero tolerance” and similar programs that have been used to promote safe and compliant behavior by employees. What are Just Culture programs about, who uses them, and what legal issues are involved in supporting or challenging “Just Culture”- style programs. What are the criticisms of such programs from the perspective of employee and union representatives? Do these programs present a developing trend in the relationship between employers, employees and unions?”

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